Financial Operations

At Bren Management, your building's financial records and transactions are never lost in a huge database. Bren's management team designs each client's financial program and reporting system to reflect the unique needs and requirements of the property. Your bank accounts are never commingled at Bren Management. And, because Bren believes that your building's financial well being is the cornerstone on which all else must stand, Bren's team is especially vigilant in managing every aspect related to your building's long-term and day-to-day financing financing. Bren's financial services include:

  • Development of an effective operating budget
  • Customized, clear and concise monthly financial statements that contain an Income and Expense Summary, a Disbursement Register, an Accounts Payable and Receivable Report, and copies of paid invoices
  • Billing and collection of rent, maintenance and assessments
  • Counsel on collection of arrears
  • Payroll and payroll tax preparation
  • Establishment and maintenance of special reserve funds and interest bearing checking accounts
  • Periodic review of insurance portfolios to ensure quality coverage at reasonable prices
  • Preparation of insurance claims and follow-up on payments
  • Counsel regarding mortgages and refinancing.

"During the last few years, many other buildings of our size experienced 'trauma.' Thanks to Bren Management's wise counsel and shrewd negotiations, we've been able to refinance and position our building to deal successfully with the current residential real estate crisis,"

Former Board President of a 9-Unit Upper West Side Cooperative