Introduction to Bren Management Corp.

While numerous building managers exist in the Metropolitan area:

  • In some cases, the larger management groups tend to concentrate a disproportionate amount of their efforts on meeting the needs of their largest clients
  • The cost of their services has proven to be prohibitive for the owners and the boards of small to mid-size residential buildings.

Thus, the formation, in 1983, of Bren Management -- a firm dedicated to providing highly responsive and reasonably priced services especially designed to meet the needs of small to mid-size cooperatives, condominiums and rental properties.

Today, because of its initial decision to specialize, Bren Management possesses:

  • A thorough understanding of the special problems faced by the owners and the boards of small to mid-size residential buildings.
  • Moreover, Bren Management has earned a reputation for:
  • Successfully solving the special problems that characterize this sector of the real estate community.

Bren's team of knowledgeable real estate professionals would be pleased to meet with you or your board of directors to develop a customized plan which will ensure personalized, responsive management of your residential property. Following this, we will work closely with you, on a daily basis, to efficiently and cost effectively resolve the financial, administrative and operational issues related to your building.