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Bren Management believes that successful building operation is based on education, inspection, prompt solutions to problems, and cost control:

  • Bren's management staff instructs your building staff, building occupants and owners on a regular basis regarding ways to maintain your property and safeguard the integrity of your building's systems in a cost-effective manner.
  • Property inspections are conducted regularly to identify problems.
  • All telephone calls are returned promptly.
  • Because of Bren's team approach to building management. Everyone at Bren is thoroughly familiar with your property and capable of acting rapidly on your behalf -- requests for services and for quick action in emergency situations are never "lost in the shuffle"
  • Because of Bren's skill in contract negotiations, when services or repairs are necessary, costs are kept to a minimum and interest-free payment terms, compatible with your budget, can be arranged.

"Everyone at Bren Management really knows about our building, and, when you call, they're reachable and responsive. They always have the answers to your questions and, when repairs are needed, the work gets done promptly. Bren is reliable, and that means a lot to us."

                       - President of a 33-Unit Tribeca Cooperative


Bren Management takes an unusually pro-active approach toward building administrative operations. Because Bren's principals and managers spend enough time on-site to thoroughly understand your board, unit owners and tenants, Bren is especially skilled in facilitating internal communication and achieving agreement between these groups. Externally, one of the unique benefits of your affiliation with Bren Management is the fact that Bren's president is also a practicing attorney. Thus, inquiries relating to legal and regulatory issues, which usually require a separate communiqué with a lawyer, can be answered on-the-spot and at no expense. Specifically, Bren's administrative services include:

  • Attendance at monthly board meetings and annual shareholder meetings by Bren's management
  • Preparation and distribution of meeting minutes
  • Acting as liaison between the building owner or board and federal. state and city agencies
  • Expert advice on compliance with city, state and federal filing requirements and, whenever possible, actual filing of government reports and applications.

"Bren Management provides us with a level of service that I don't believe we would get from a larger management firm. Bren's staff Is a 'wonder.' They are responsive to our every need and they care about getting things done properly. I also have the highest regard for their president, Marty Kera, he's honest and he's saved us a great deal of money."

                    - President of a 15 Unit Greenwich Village Landmark Cooperative


At Bren Management, your building's financial records and transactions are never lost in a huge database. Bren's management team designs each client's financial program and reporting system to reflect the unique needs and requirements of the property. Your bank accounts are never commingled at Bren Management. And, because Bren believes that your building's financial well being is the cornerstone on which all else must stand, Bren's team is especially vigilant in managing every aspect related to your building's long-term and day-to-day financing financing. Bren's financial services include:

  • Development of an effective operating budget
  • Customized, clear and concise monthly financial statements that contain an Income and Expense Summary, a Disbursement Register, an Accounts Payable and Receivable Report, and copies of paid invoices
  • Billing and collection of rent, maintenance and assessments
  • Counsel on collection of arrears
  • Payroll and payroll tax preparation
  • Establishment and maintenance of special reserve funds and interest bearing checking accounts
  • Periodic review of insurance portfolios to ensure quality coverage at reasonable prices
  • Preparation of insurance claims and follow-up on payments
  • Counsel regarding mortgages and refinancing.

"During the last few years, many other buildings of our size experienced 'trauma.' Thanks to Bren Management's wise counsel and shrewd negotiations, we've been able to refinance and position our building to deal successfully with the current residential real estate crisis,"

                       - Former Board President of a 9-Unit Upper West Side Cooperative

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